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Bad Ella

O.K., so I have been a very bad girl and have not updated here in a verrrrrrry long time.  I have been busy but I just realized that I am not so busy that I can't write here at least 1x week.  

I have been reading as much as I can on several HP sites and enjoying the communication on many of the HP forms and groups.  Not sure how I feel about DH being split into 2 movies, I am hoping that it and HBP will be done better than OOTP, it was O.K. but I felt really put out and there was so much that was just not right.  Spells not done right, scenes that were just weird and some that should have been in but were left out.  I must say however, that I really enjoyed the actress who played Umbridge.  She did an excelent job.  I always pictured Umbridge as a rather warty toad and Imelda did a great portrayal. 

I have only a few more minutes here so... I am going to try to come here to write and meet others.  I am hoping to figure all this out soon and to also cruise the area for fellow HP nuts and check out others journals.  Hope you all have a nice evening.


I was gone for a few days and will be again later this month.  I was interrupted last time because the big boss showed up, finally, he was suppose to be here earlier.  

As I had started to say, My lovely computer, ate bits and pieces out of a challenge I was writing.  I will be working on restoring what it ate today.  Hopefully, I will be able to post it later today or next week.  It is a piece regarding Severus telling someone what really happen and why during Dumbledoor's death.  I thought it had been pretty good.   We will see what I think today.  Never know, I might end up changing a few phrases.

I am getting very excited and a little apprehensive about the last book coming out.  I know that I will most likely love it, but I also know that characters I love will possibly die.  i do not want Severus to die.  I would be o.k. with Hagrid or most of the Death Eaters, but would have moments of sadness for Remus, the Weasleys, and some of the teachers.  Guess I will just have to deal and then go read some really good fanfiction.  I know that I plan to keep reading and writing even when what I write and read will be AU.    I really hope most of my fellow writers stay with it and keep the muse going.  

Time to go.  Will try to write more often.

Have a great weekend!

Darn Computer

Have you ever written a whole story, edit it, have someone else proof it and the have your computer eat parts of it.  Not just the end or a little bit, but bits and pieces here and there.  Mine seems to be very efficiant at just eating bits and pieces.  

I have to go now my boss is here.


Well, nothing like writing everything all over again.  Not that I can remember what I wrote in the first place.  Really disliking this keyboard.  It is just a straight one, I like my ergo, I can type much faster and don't have to worry about backspacing to correct all the time.  

Just hanging this afternoon at the local funeral home and cemetery.  Well, I am suppose to be working.  Just bored.  Not really anything to do here at the moment.  I work 3 hours of the afternoon at the reception desk.  The rest of the time I am pretty busy with clients and accounts.

OOOOOO, telephone....I just love wrong numbers.  evil smirk.... They get so flustered when they realize that they have eached a funeral home.  Sputtering, oh no, so sorry to have bothered you.  Are you sure this is a funeral home?  Duh.  

O.K. down to business.  Ya righhhhht!!

Love Harry Potter, with special interest in Severus Snape.  Any thing about him, written, thought or drawn.  Would love to see some picks either photo or drawings.

ooops, hair falling out of chosen bondage of the day.  o.k. fixed. 

I would really like to meet, get to know, chat etc. with those with same interest.  Would also like some references to good communities of interest.  

Must go now, boss making me actually work.  drat.




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